Becoming a Mama had a huge impact on my yoga practice and my life. When you become a parent you realise that no matter how good your support system is, ultimately it's you that has to adult.


I would not have been able to survive what I have been through without yoga, without the teachings that allow me to question, “What is being asked of me in this moment? What am I meant to be learning from this that I couldn’t learn any other way?” When your kid has reflux, you haven’t eaten in two days, suddenly everything you thought you were is no longer.

That’s where this incredibly powerful philosophy steps in to hold us, and the mad relentlessness of parenthood becomes a profound vehicle of growth and change. It’s not our kids who become our greatest teachers, they just push all our buttons really hard all the time so we notice our patterns, resolve them, and discover who we really are.

This is why I study and teach all the wonderful wisdom the yoga philosophy has armed me with. 

And why there is a book on the way! Stay tuned for more details. 


As kids move their bodies in a natural state of play, they are forming their beliefs about the world. If we can connect movement and play with story – because everyone loves stories – we can share principles like mindfulness, kindness and consciousness in a very accessible way.

As a conscious parent I’m very aware of how much screen time my child is getting. It’s hard to find the time and energy to get kids to yoga or meditation classes, so I’m focused on building a digital world that offers kids engaging content at home. When story, play, philosophy and movement are central, podcasts and videos are great!

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