Stepping onto the yoga mat for the first time felt like coming home.

Studying Economics at Sydney Uni, and grappling with some teenage anxiety, a psychologist gave me a bunch of books about Buddhism and yoga philosophy. And just like that – everything made sense.

A national level rhythmic gymnast, I’ve always loved movement. I started yoga with an Iyengar teacher, then discovered ashtanga, but with my training at the Jivamukti school in New York – so rooted in ahimsa (kindness), shastra (study of the texts) and bhakti (devotion) and understanding these teachings as a pathway to love and joy – I knew that I had found my teachers and my place in the world.

The philosophy of yoga has become my passion. I love to weave it into the physical practice, teach it in workshops and immersions, practice it, live it, breathe it. To be able to hold space for a group of people, give them a chance to re-centre, is very fulfilling. Nothing makes me happier than sharing ancient practices in a very practical way, that can be integrated easily into our busy, modern, daily lives.