private yoga at home

I Believe everyBODY Can, and Should Practice Yoga

Traditionally yoga was taught one-to-one. EveryBODY is different. And so the yoga practice must be individually tailored to each and every one of us.

In certain cases, for example some pregnancies, postnatal, injury and other special circumstances, group classes are not possible or appropriate for the individual.

I also love working one-on-one with students online or delivering private yoga at home to develop home practice and mentoring yoga teachers to reach their full potential.

For these reasons, I work with some individuals and groups in a private setting in order to facilitate that.

If you’re looking for a private yoga teacher near you, contact me to discuss one-on-one sessions.

In-person Private Yoga

Whether you are a brand-new beginner, an experienced yoga student looking to master an existing yoga practice, or dealing with injury or special circumstance, I don’t believe anything replaces the one-on-one in-person experience.

Whether we head outdoors in one of Sydney’s verdant parks, or in the privacy of your home, private yoga sessions are designed to make the most of the time you spend on the mat.

Online Private Yoga

In a time when we are not always able to get to a yoga class, my online private yoga experience ensures a personalised and powerful approach to practicing in the comfort, and convenience, of your own home, when it suits you.

With decades of experience on the mat and thousands of hours studying and observing tens of thousands of bodies, I love supporting students in their yoga and meditation practice.

The Benefits of Yoga

Studies have shown that yoga may be as effective as or better than exercise at improving a variety of health-related outcome measures.

Psychological benefits include:

  • Enhanced coping
  • Self-efficacy and positive mood
  • Fostering acceptance
  • Mindful awareness

Yoga can be done by anyone of any age or ability. It has also been shown to improve immune function and allows people a way to engage in self-management.

Practicing yoga enriches the quality of sleep and supports efforts toward dietary improvements.

In one study, 83% of participants also found that yoga:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Enhanced calmness
  • Improved overall physical function and capacity

Physical systems activated through yoga practice include musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, autonomic nervous system and endocrine functioning.

Ancillary benefits of yoga

Yoga may also have ancillary benefits in terms of improved physical function, enhanced mental/emotional state, enriched sleep quality, and improved lifestyle choices, and may be useful as a health promotion strategy in the prevention and management of chronic disease.