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Yoga and Pregnancy: My Saving Grace as a Mama-to-be and During the Postnatal Phase

My great passion is communicating this potent, ancient wisdom to a broader community in a very practical way, that can be integrated easily into our busy, modern, daily lives.

Having integrated the discipline of Ashtanga, the bhakti of Jivamukti Yoga, and teachings of my beloved teachers: particularly Maty Ezraty, Manorama D’Alvia, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Yogeswari, Katie Manitsas, Jessica Stickler, Jules Febre Eileen Hall - my classes are a creative exploration of the philosophy and psychology of yoga with intelligent and skillful alignment.

I do this in person on the mat, online, and in my writing for Wellbeing Magazine and my book Find Your Strength.

I am currently a lead facilitator on the Body Mind Life Teacher Training Programs, teach in-person yoga classes, curate bespoke yoga events, and run yoga retreats in and around Sydney.

You can find my online yoga classes at Body Mind Life Online and my pre and postnatal online yoga program for mamas in the pre and postnatal period right here.


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Yoga & Mindfulness for Kids

I love creating kids' content and events that get little people moving, breathing and practicing mindfulness in a playful way. Live experiences bring kids together to move, breathe and play. Whereas yoga online, like Storytime

Yoga for the NSW Education Department’s Education Live series or Moodies interstitial series we created for the ABC (which explores big feelings for little people), brings mindfulness into the comfort and convenience of your home.

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Yoga Events Sydney

I collaborate with industry and institutions who have commercial objectives to craft immersive yoga experiences for their communities and clients. Site specific events bringing yoga to Sydney spaces they wouldn’t normally get to practice in is a particular joy. Like the State Library of NSW storytelling-infused in the art gallery space, surrounded by rare books. Or the Australian Museum storytime yoga events for kids with Animal yoga and Dinosnore.

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Yoga Retreats Sydney

Re-boot, recharge and refine yourself with my yoga retreats in Sydney Re-treat yourself to a luxurious escape, just two hours from Sydney, while immersing in twice daily yoga and mindfulness practices.

My retreats are about steeping in the teachings of yoga, bringing together excellent people, and nourishing food, surroundings, and facilities.

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Pregnancy Yoga for Beginners and Experienced Yogis Alike

Pregnant women need to be warrior strong while also learning to surrender and soften

Prenatal yoga is not just about stretching or preparing the body for birth.

It provides tried and tested tools to prepare the body, mind and spirit for whatever arises on the challenging and rewarding journey of motherhood, from conception to the postnatal daze and beyond.

Prenatal Yoga practices Strengthen & Stretch, Restore, and Relax & Replenish.

As a pregnancy yoga teacher, I help empower women to trust their bodies, connect to their intuition and foster warrior strength. I also offer Prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training.

Pregnancy yoga provides the tools needed to manage the emotional upheaval that pregnancy and it’s hormones provide, while targeting muscles in key parts of the body that are required to support those parts that naturally lose their strength (like the core) as the pregnancy progresses.

Sleep, meditation and yoga have been shown to provide many benefits, both psychological and physical.

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What Yoga Means To Me

Stepping onto the yoga mat for the first time felt like coming home

Studying Economics at Sydney Uni and grappling with some teenage anxiety, a psychologist gave me a bunch of books about Buddhism and yoga philosophy.

And just like that - everything made sense.

A national level rhythmic gymnast, I’ve always loved movement. I started yoga with an Iyengar teacher, then discovered ashtanga.

But it was my training at the Jivamukti school in New York – so rooted in ahimsa (kindness), shastra (study of the texts) and bhakti (devotion) and understanding these teachings as a pathway to love and joy – I knew that I had found my teachers and my place in the world.

The philosophy of yoga has become my passion. I love to weave it into physical practice, teach it in workshops and immersions, practice it, live it, breathe it.

To be able to hold space for a group of people and give them a chance to re-centre is very fulfilling.

Nothing makes me happier than sharing ancient practices in a very practical way that can be integrated easily into our busy, modern, daily lives.

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