prenatal yoga sydney

Prenatal Yoga Online

My Prenatal Yoga Program is Online and Designed to Provide The Ultimate Convenience for Busy Mamas-to-be.

This program is a series of prenatal yoga videos, built on my belief that pregnant women need to be warrior strong during this period, while also learning to surrender and soften.

Therefore, the practices will focus on three core disciplines:

  • Strengthen and stretch
  • Restore
  • Relax and replenish

These prenatal exercise videos target muscles in key parts of the body that are required to support those parts that naturally lose their strength (like the core) as the pregnancy progresses.

Prenatal Yoga Sydney

I also teach private, one-on-one classes, so if you are looking for prenatal yoga in Sydney, I encourage you to reach out to me to learn more about my private classes.

What’s Included in my Prenatal Yoga Online Program?

There are a total of 12 videos - three for each trimester (including the postnatal period), focusing on movement that is most appropriate for each particular trimester.

Because what is most beneficial for women trying to conceive, or those in their first trimester is not the same for someone in the postnatal period.

In addition, there are five meditations which you can use as circuit breakers whenever you need. They are designed to be short and sweet, but they will teach you techniques to empower you to practice on your own, for as long as you need.

When you make a one-time purchase of the program, the perfect gift for yourself or a pregnant friend, or new mama, you’ll have access to the following:

  • 12 videos, three for each trimester (including the postnatal period)
  • 5 videos teaching meditation and breathing practices
  • Info guide that covers all the necessary information to get you set up
  • How to use the program

Alternatively, you may choose to purchase just one trimester, and receive access to those videos.

If you are in the postnatal period, we encourage you to learn more about postnatal yoga here.

Prenatal Yoga FAQ

Are there any contraindications to pregnancy and yoga?

There are many contraindications. Yoga is powerful and the body is changing rapidly, so too must the practice. Your health practitioner needs to “ok” you for the specific style of yoga you wish to practice.

A heated or strong vinyasa class will not be appropriate for some women, especially if they haven’t practiced yoga before.

Every pregnant woman can benefit from yoga, but the poses need to be modified and the focus should be on steadiness and strength.

What are some of your favourite postures that eased any aches and pains associated with pregnancy?

Cat/cow stretch always felt amazing focusing on arm strength, opening up the spine and the shoulders.

I love some of the stronger poses too, like uttkatasana (chair pose) against the wall, which strengthens the legs and mind, and teaches focusing on an extended exhale which is very useful for labour and relieving stress.

Do you believe your yoga practice helped make labour more endurable and easier?

Without a doubt.

There is no way the experience would have been the same without my body being stronger in areas I knew I’d need it and focused on, my mind being given tools to deal with intense sensations, and most importantly the gift of breath.