Reach Inside, Not Out

Reach Inside, Not Out

So it’s that time of year.

The Xmas tree is shedding needles, or being packed away.

The shiny new toys are broken or discarded.

Mariah Carey and Michael Buble have gone back into hiding.

A hangover-free day is a distant memory.

Our tummies and hearts are a little fuller from all the joyous eating drinking playing we’ve been doing.

But not our bank accounts. They are wondering what the actual £u@$ just happened.

And so we stare down the barrel of another year.

Reeling from the fact that the last one slipped through our fingers so deftly.

And we think - “this one will be different”.

We WILL be more present.

Go on more dates.

Spend time with the kids.

Eat all the healthy food.

Yoga and pilates.



Do that fad diet.

Enroll in that course.

Connect with friends (in real life).

Do all those things we’ve always wanted to do.

We WON’T yell at our kids.

Binge eat and drink our feelings.

Work ourselves into an early grave.

Shop away our inadequacies.

Waste countless hours a day of our precious lives on a device that gives us nothing (apart from self loathing -and cancer).

Fight with loved ones.

You CAN make the New Years RESOLUTIONS.

Plan to do all the good things…

Make all the good choices.


In those quiet moments of alone- (from which none of us are immune) make no mistake, you will be ready to pounce, cat-like, on the nearest fleeting temporary pleasure thing to will it away. And those resolutions go out the window.

So throw your resolutions out the window.

This year- instead- simply resolve to feel. All the time. Feel it all. The good, the bad, the lonely. The shadow and the light.

Instead of reaching outside, REACH INSIDE. Every day.

Happy New Years, Lovers.

I love your insides. And your outs. I hope you learn to love them too. Xxxx

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